Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Youth Sports Action Photography

Out at home...

Last inning, one run lead, tying run on second and two outs. A hit to the outfield could possibly tie the game. 

Suddenly a hit to the gap in the outfield and the runner at second takes off. However, the center fielder runs over and grabs the ball after one hop and without hesitating throws the ball on a fly to home plate. 

The ball came flying in as the runner was heading home. At the same time as the runner started his slide the catcher reached over and caught the ball after one bounce with his glove in just the right place to tag the runner as he was going by. 

As the runner went by his body hit the catchers glove bending his wrist sideways but the catcher held on and the umpire yelled, "Out".

Game was over on a bang bang play at home and I was able to get the play of the game.

I knew the game, I anticipated where the play might be and timed the shot beautifully. 

Photographing youth action sports is fun and exciting...

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