Friday, October 9, 2020

She’s Gone

On Wednesday, October 7th, Molly's life ended. After 15 years she came down with cancer. The Vet gave her just a few months to live. We made sure they were the best ever.

As God loves His own we loved Molly in the same manor, as God does, we loved her to the end.

Molly was an indoor cat and she loved lying in the sunshine as it came in through the windows.

On the last day we kept her in the sun as much as she wanted and as the sun started going down so did Molly. We sat on the floor with her and talked to her as we petted her. 

The tears from my wife and I came easy, and as the sun set so did the life of Molly.

When her heart stopped and her breathing ended so, as it seemed, did ours. Molly's life was gone.

We sat with her about another ten minutes crying and petting her until she started feeling less warm.

We wrapped Molly in a favorite blanket and placed her in a container we had for her along with a favorite toy and, with the help of our Son who came over to join me in digging a burial space, we buried Molly out in a special area of our backyard.

Molly may be gone but the joy and love she gave back to us will never be forgotten. 

This is one of the last photos I took of her. Goodbye Molly we will always love you... ❤️

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