Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Signing Off Facebook

Yeah, this ruggedly rustic relic of a rebel is leaving Facebook...

Goodbye wacky Facebook

I'm off to join the real world.

I'm going to be - sane once again.

Because this Facebook journey, has tried to turn my whole world upside down...

Twelve years ago I began this journey in October 2008.  It is only fitting that I end it on the last day of September, twelve years later.

Not just deactivating but deleting my account completely. Facebook is no longer fun, it is time to go.

I feel good about this decision and am firmly convinced that  this is God's will for me in going forward.

I am still on Twitter at @GCRiffey and at Riff's Christian Journal - a monthly article/essay I write with a layman's view on Christian Themes focusing on Reformed Theology, which I started in 2009.

I still have Riff's Photography Journal, presently with 1413 posts and photos since 2008...

I will sign off for the last time this evening.

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