Sunday, January 1, 2017

Waiting For Spring

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I know that Winter has just started and normally I would enjoy this time of the year. However, as I am getting older and will soon acknowledge my 70th birthday my body is telling me that the cold is not helping the joints any.

I have always enjoyed shoveling snow. I have about a 50 ft. long drive way and keeping it clean of snow was always the best outdoor exercise I would get all Winter. Now I am glad when my neighbor shows up with his snow blower. Oh, I still get out and do some shoveling, of the lesser amounts, and will try to do so even when the snow is over a foot high. Just to do it.

So, even though I have not completely given up on Winter, when I see a photo like this of my "Lil' Corner Of The World" or neighborhood, I am reminded of how good the warm to hot weather of Summer really feels. And there is always outdoor Summer yard work to do for exercise as well.

In the meantime, let the cold and snow come. We will muddle through and work our way towards the time when things look like this once again. In any case, I hope you all will either have or have already had a wonderful Happy New Year, and will join me in enjoying Winter while we still can and look forward to that time of the year again when all is green, warm and delightfully enjoyable... :-)

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