Thursday, November 17, 2016

An Old Man On Picnic Rock

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Well, here I am, on this big rock that I call "Picnic Rock". You see, this rock is by a picnic area that is along a portion of Route 40 in Western Maryland. About 60 plus years ago was the last time I was able to be sitting on this rock; I was about eight or nine years old.

While I have gone by this rock numerous times it was only recently that I started getting the urge to stop and climb up on it and sit a spell. So, one day along with my wife I asked her if she would mind taking a few photos of me and she said, "Sure, where at?" So, I pulled off the road and said, "Right here."

Do you know what she said? She said, "Well, it is about time. Let's go." And we did and here I am - an old man sitting on Picnic Rock... :-)

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