Friday, June 3, 2016

Brunswick Hotel


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Built in 1886 the Brunswick Hotel has fallen on hard times and is on the verge of being torn down.

At one time the hotel housed 25 rooms and several business on the ground level. Taken from a story published by the Cumberland Times-News April 9. 2016 we read the following about the Brunswick:

The Maryland Historical Trust described the Brunswick Building this way in a 1976 Historic Sites Survey:

"The single-most important element (on the Queen City Pavement) is the old Brunswick Hotel Building at the southeast corner. Although no match for the grand Queen City Hotel, the 3.5-story Colonial revival brick building was an important stopping place for salesman and railroad workers. The Brunswick is six bays along the Baltimore St. fa├žade and eight bays deep along the Queen City Pavement. The decorative window lentils and shingle gable dormers are distinctive elements."

Soon, another valuable treasure in Cumberland will be gone. I could write quite an article on how many famous buildings have been  torn down or lost to past urban renewal projects and has resulted only in loosing treasures instead of being replaced by new business, but I will not.

At one time the Brunswick was billed as one of the finest hotels between Baltimore and Pittsburgh. Soon only an empty lot will be left...

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