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Monday, June 27, 2016

Future Major Leaguers

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Future Major Leaguers on the bench waiting their turn at bat. Looking back at their Mommies we have a future Babe Ruth, #7 Mickey Mantle; tape measure home runs but always the jokester and #42 Jackie Robinson; incredible hitter and speed on the base paths...

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A Nemo Wanna' Be


Was sitting next to an aquarium and I sensed something looking at me. Turned and saw this fish about a foot away from me seemingly just staring at me. I thought of Nemo. So, naturally I took a photo...

Friday, June 10, 2016

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Coming Out Of The Narrows

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The Narrows is a natural cut in the Allegheny Mountain range. This is the West side of the Narrows after coming through it when leaving Cumberland, MD. This is still part of Route 40 the first National Road, and this part was originally known as the Cumberland Road which ran from this city to the Ohio river. Later it became part of the complete National Road...

Monday, June 6, 2016

Kline's Restaurant On A Rainy Day

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Kline's Restaurant & Lovers Leap Lounge is a family owned business for over 50 years. Lying in what is called "The Narrows", a water Gap in Will's Mountain, in the Allegheny's, Kline's is directly below "Lovers Leap".

The legend goes as follows:

The Legend of "Lover’s Leap” describes the love of an American Indian princess for a young English trapper named Jack. They wanted very much to marry, but her father, Chief Will, wanted his daughter to marry one of the British soldiers who was garrisoned at Fort Cumberland. Meanwhile, Jack had found a map to a silver mine located somewhere in the Narrows, and offered the map to Chief Will in return for the hand of the princess in marriage. The Chief promised they could be married if he was given the map, but once in his possession, he refused to allow the marriage. They tried to run away together, but Chief Will stopped them. A terrible fight began, during which Jack accidentally killed Chief Will. The Indian princess could never marry the man who killed her father, nor could she live without the man she loved. So arm in arm they both walked up to the highest precipice in the Narrows, joined hands, and from 1000 feet atop Wills Mountain, leaped to the rocks and their death below.

From: Feldstein’s Top Historic Postcard Views of Allegany County, 1997.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Brunswick Hotel


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Built in 1886 the Brunswick Hotel has fallen on hard times and is on the verge of being torn down.

At one time the hotel housed 25 rooms and several business on the ground level. Taken from a story published by the Cumberland Times-News April 9. 2016 we read the following about the Brunswick:

The Maryland Historical Trust described the Brunswick Building this way in a 1976 Historic Sites Survey:

"The single-most important element (on the Queen City Pavement) is the old Brunswick Hotel Building at the southeast corner. Although no match for the grand Queen City Hotel, the 3.5-story Colonial revival brick building was an important stopping place for salesman and railroad workers. The Brunswick is six bays along the Baltimore St. fa├žade and eight bays deep along the Queen City Pavement. The decorative window lentils and shingle gable dormers are distinctive elements."

Soon, another valuable treasure in Cumberland will be gone. I could write quite an article on how many famous buildings have been  torn down or lost to past urban renewal projects and has resulted only in loosing treasures instead of being replaced by new business, but I will not.

At one time the Brunswick was billed as one of the finest hotels between Baltimore and Pittsburgh. Soon only an empty lot will be left...

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Roy Rogers Restaurant

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Here once stood a Roy Rogers Restaurant. You can still see its sign. It had been here for many years and was a favorite eating place for the locals and for travelers on I68 that crossed almost over top of it.

Now, it is gone, but not for long. By the end of July or August a newer and bigger Roy Rogers Restaurant will be standing here. It will have the same good food with a larger menu and a larger dinning room. The food always was good whether it was the Roast Beef, Chicken or Hamburgers, and I can hardly wait for it to finally get re-built...