Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Love Came Softly... An Ode To My Marriage

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Love Came Softly

There was a time when life left me feeling lonely and cold, it was a time when I was not so old. No friends to see, no friends was there. Even in school, like I wasn't there.
Navy came and things changed some. Travel, learning and seeing new life, put me with others that were friendly and nice. Though it isn't easy being something I'm not, as I was young, independent and feeling alone, with a youthful mentality in a world unknown. Being in the Navy was mostly fun, but all too soon it was over and done.
Life after Navy was different then, as for a short time I had a friend. Then something more, someone new, young, attractive, real and alive, unexpectedly appeared for me to revive. She came into my life and smiled so nice with a Southern charm that I glanced more than twice. She gave me interest and liked my presence and made me feel more than mere essence.
The look, the hair, and being with me, laughing and caring and she wanted to be with a man who could love her totally free, and to be with someone who she said was like me. She told me her life and a relationship care, and wanting to be with me more than she dared. This drove away any worries of being alone; cold and unloved to be no more. So I said yes, I wanted that way, and with hugs and laughs we began something new, and our lives changed on that very day.
This woman, I know, completes my life, and from moment one she's been my wife.  Love came softly and has held me warm, and I have a life that she did transform. I know how love feels because of her, and through her love God did perform a miracle of love by bringing her to me, and together for eternity we ever shall be.

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