Friday, February 5, 2016

When TV Screens Were Still In B&W


Our TV still had a B&W TV screen. Channels were few and there were no satellite channels. What reception we did have was in B&W. We were about to move to another city so, even though there were Color sets on the market, we were waiting until after we moved to see what was available and how many channels were in color.

The next year we did have a new color TV and we never looked back. Until now. Although all the channels were in B&W our kids, all two of them, enjoyed watching TV but they really did not spend that much time indoors. Certain kids programs were allowed and maybe some other shows were allowed when they could not get outside or when they were sick. However, no matter the program they always enjoyed the show they were watching. Even if it was in B&W.

It would be interesting to see how kids of today would be if they only had TV's with B&W screens available. I bet they would be the same, especially if they had no choice. BTW, this was in the mid 70's...

Scanned image from an Ektachrome Slide...

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