Friday, January 15, 2016

Thinking About The Future

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Never gave much thought to it before but it dawned on me today that I have lived most of my life. Granted, I have lived longer than my parents but not as yet as long as my Grandparents. I do have a target as to how long I would like to live and that is to be 102 years of age. I may tell you about it sometime.

What got me to thinking about the future, however, is that today I turned 69. To be truthful I do not feel that I am that old, my youthful mentality says that I am not, but my body sometimes says that I am. So, this gave rise to my thinking about the future.

There are so many trips that I want to take with my wife, and there are new Fuji cameras that I would like to have - cannot afford a Leica - but living on Social Security does not make it easy to do any of these things. So, I will just have to wait and see how the future treats me.

Having said that, I should disclose that I have a secret weapon on my side. My faith in my Lord Jesus. What He wants for me is what I want as well. As He blesses me, as He chooses, is all I really need. I do have a most wonderful and loving wife, good health, and a nice little, should say small, but comfortable home.

My future may be short but it will be quite interesting in which to live with the outlook that I have. I hope to still be here, if and when I do reach 102, and may you be there as well. Till then I will see you on the road to photographic dreams... :-)

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