Friday, January 22, 2016

The Schooner Alliance

Please click on the photo for a better image...

UPDATE:... As of Saturday morning we now have about 23 inches of snow - give or take. It is still snowing and the forecast for today is for an additional 8 to 12 inches of new snow, on top of what we already have.

Yeah, it would be nice to be some where warm right about now. After lunch I will be out starting to do the 1st of probably several snow shoveling to get everything cleared up. Maybe I will post a follow-up snow photo on Monday... Take care, everyone...

As we wait for the Snow Storm of the year to arrive let us think of warmer climates and nicer days. Here we see the Schooner Alliance out on the York River coming in from the Chesapeake Bay. Temperatures are about 75, it is just partly cloudy and the wind is blowing as a warm Southern breeze.

OK, with that in mind, I am sitting here drinking some coffee, watching for the snow and the shovels are on the back porch waiting... Sigh...

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