Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Princess Restaurant ... Part 2


Please click on either photo for a better image...

On Monday I introduced you to the Princess Restaurant in Frostburg, MD. You can see that post here..

Today I would like to show you these two photos as well. In the top photo, the young lady behind the counter, is our Waitress. In addition to waiting on customers in booths she also takes care of those at the counter. She was very nice, was very attentive to our needs and really helped to make our visit quite enjoyable.

In the bottom photo is a booth Jukebox. Each booth has one of these where you can play songs and choose the volume through three push buttons on the front. This way, you can play songs just for the those in the booth or turn it up for those on both sides as well. Like taking a trip back into time.

If you ever get to Western Maryland you must stop in Frostburg and pay a visit for breakfast, lunch or dinner at the Princess Restaurant and you will have a very tasty meal and you will be glad that you stopped...

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