Wednesday, December 30, 2015

One Last "Happy Holidays"

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As 2015 comes to an end let me wish you one last "Happy Holidays".

My hope is that you have had a wonderful time these past few weeks, whether you have a little or a lot. Me? I have little in material things but I have much in family and a few friends. At times like this it is family, and my faith in God, that gets me through and what few friends that I have make me glad for what I have.

So, as we are starting a New Year I pray that you will have many happy holidays in the coming year and begin to realize that it is not in the material things where you can find happiness but it is in the people that you have in your life. I would rather have a couple of close, loving and honest friends than many people around all of the time because of what I have, and not for who I am.

It is by my family and my faith in God where I find true happiness, and it is my hope, wish and prayer that you may find this kind of happiness and contentment as well.

Having said this I do wish you all a most wonderful end to your "Happy Holidays" and the beginning of a most wonderful and happy New Year... :-)

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