Monday, December 28, 2015

Color Of Winter At Christmas


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At Christmas, here in Western MD, it is usually in the 20's or 30's with snow but this year the weather has been so nice with warm temperatures that have ranged from the 40's to the 60's.

On Christmas day, even though it was overcast, the weather was warm. There are Fall leaves still hanging on some trees, and on the hillside at the back of the yard there were colors of Reds and Greens for Christmas mixed in with bright colors of Yellow and Orange of Fall still hanging around.

Two days later the temperature hit 70 on the back porch. Ummm, with just five days left until the New Year, I hope that we do get some days down in the 20's with some snow thrown in, not too much, just so I won't have to go out and cut the grass in January. That would be a first if that is something that I have to do...

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