Monday, November 9, 2015

A Tribute To Two Grandsons

Last Friday night an era ended for Mary and I. Two Grandson's, seniors at two different schools and each playing different sports, played in their final games; one soccer and the other football. Because of scheduling, we were only able to see each play in the second half of their respective games. In one Grandson I can see so much of his Dad and the other Grandson displays so much of his Mom. While bigger and better things could be awaiting both of them, we will miss these moments of watching their speed, the grace in which they played and the toughness that came through with their actions.

They are both true athletes in every sense of the word, intelligent in their class work and loving members of our family. Times like these are fleeting. We saw it with our own kids and we are now seeing it with our Grandson's; our eldest Grandson has already moved on from high school and sports and we have one who just came into high school and one who is in pre-school.

Times like these come around only once, my friends, so enjoy them while you can because once they are passed you only have the memories and, in my case, hundreds - maybe several thousand overall - of photos on which to fall back on. That is the reason for which I first took up photography, beginning with my own kids, and it was worth it.

Good luck and God bless to our Grandson’s River and Ethan. We sure do love you both...

For River (in Red with Green Shoes), except for scoring an occasional goal, there is great satisfaction in taking the ball away from the opposition and heading back up field. He has great leaping ability for headball passing and, with his speed and great footwork, he can get pass defenders to pass the ball on to a striker for a score. Something which he has done all season...

Ethan (#67 in Blue) plays both offense and defense, and when he is not blocking and making running lanes while on offense, he loves playing defense and even when being pushed from behind he can still reach out and grab a scrambling Quarterback, or running back, and take them down. He has had his name called numerous times all season for making tackles...

To E and Riv... we love you both with a never ending and unconditional love, and will sorely miss watching you play the games that you love... :-)

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