Monday, October 12, 2015

Autumn Has Arrived In My Neighborhood

Please click on the photo for a better image...

I am not much of a fan of doing landscape photography in bright sunlight. What I like more is to use overcast or stormy skies for capturing the Fall colors. This is an example of that.

As seen from my backyard, this was taken late evening last week, just as storm clouds were coming over. The soft glow of the late evening light just seemed to make the colors pop even more and, with only a few leaves just starting to change, the colors showed up even better against the dark green leaves of the plants.

So, Autumn is finally starting to come out and it will be interesting to see how the colors come around this year. It will be fun watching them and I sure hope we get a lot more overcast or stormy skies under which to photograph the changes...

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