Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Over My Shoulder

Please click on the photo for a better image...

As I mentioned in Monday's post I have been recovering from a heat related illness. Slowly but surely I am starting to get back some of my strength and have been trying to get outside more, except on bright sunny days.

So, one overcast afternoon I took a good magazine outside to read and sat on our small back deck by a small table under an umbrella and got ready to read. Then I got the idea of trying to take a photo of me, over my shoulder, looking at the magazine right before I opened it. This is the result. I did not notice until later how the left rim of my glasses resembled the black half circle on the front of the magazine.

Talk about capturing something at just the right moment and at the right angle. You can just imagine my surprise. BTW, holding the camera up and behind my head and trying to keep it over my left shoulder while looking as if nothing was going on was not all that easy. However, it only took three shots to get this image...

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