Monday, June 29, 2015

A Lesson In Wood Splitting

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The 68 year old man was helping his young neighbor, Chris, in taking down the remnants of a previously harvested tree. There were two separate trunks left with each being about fifteen to twenty feet high, and they took them down one trunk at a time.

When finished they cut up the trunks into smaller pieces and then proceeded to split the wood for firewood. Well the older man had never split wood before so he talked Chris into giving him a lesson.

Right after the older man swung the splitter and let it fly through the air to hit the wood with a loud "chunk", Chris lit up a cigarette and went off to the side and sat down to watch the older man split wood. He did not expect him to do that and then he realized that Chris was going to let him split wood while he took a little break.

Now Chris did a good job in showing the older man how to use the splitter in making firewood. He had a lot of fun and he enjoyed swinging the heavy and sharp axe head, but he did realize how hard the work is; especially for someone of his age.

You know, for a 68 year old man, I didn't do half bad, and my wife snapped the shutter at just the right time... :-)

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Neighborhood View

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No, this is not my home. This is just a view that I can have while out walking around my neighborhood... :-)

Monday, June 1, 2015