Monday, April 20, 2015

Yard Sale Saturday

This past Saturday my wife and I participated in a community wide yard sale. This all took place in an area of about 100 yards up and down the neighborhood on a road about 15 feet across.

We were up at 5:00 AM giving us enough time for breakfast, coffee and reading the paper before going out and getting setup. At 6:30 AM we were out and removing our stuff from the garage. The night before we had set everything up on tables and in boxes for setting up on some skids that we had and all we had to do was just pull everything out and it was all setup.

By 7:30 AM final prep was being done by my wife and we were all set.

Please click on any photo for a better image...

Then it hit. People started showing up, even the early birds that we had specifically stated "No Early Birds. By 10:00 AM our part of the neighborhood was a mad house. Cars were parked everywhere and there were at least a couple hundred people walking everywhere along with more cars trying to drive through and find a parking place. They even wound up parking on neighboring streets and walking over. I had planned on going out and doing some photography but I never got out of the driveway, but I did take a quick photo out our own little sale.
Eventually it all wound down and by 2:30 we were putting things away. This basically is all that was left. I think that we did well.
In fact, after talking with everyone else who participated I found out that this was the best neighborhood yard sale that any of them every had. We all said that maybe we should do this on an annual basis. We'll see. Just might have to go out and start buying stuff at other yard sales for re-sale next year.
My wife made me post this. Shortly after putting things away we sat down for a little well earned rest. As I was just "resting" my eyes my wife took the camera and snapped this photo. Hey! I am not sleeping. I am just resting my eyes... :-)

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