Monday, January 12, 2015

Sports Photography With A Fuji X20


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I really enjoy photographing youth sports activities. Now I have a couple of Nikon DSLR's and I use them a great deal when shooting outdoor sporting events, especially when I cannot get close to the field. I have a couple of prime lens that I could use indoors but, due to an ever growing problem with osteoarthritis in my left hand and wrist I need something different, something lighter and just as fast.

Having discovered the Fuji X20 I have been enjoying shooting sporting events and capturing great action shoots, no matter where I am, and these photos are nice examples of what I am able to do. The X20 is a really nice little camera. It is light, with a fairly fast lens, and it focuses as fast as my DSLR's and there is no shutter lag. And it really helps me with my arthritis problem.

The top photo was taken in a YMCA gym from a balcony that runs around the whole gym. The photo of the three boys in the air was taken from the other end of the floor while sitting in the balcony. The lens was racked out to full telephoto length.

The second photo was taken in a different gym with different lighting but I am able to sit courtside and can get closer to the action. The lens was at the 50mm setting when I took this photo as the boy went up for a jump shot from the side of the basket, which is just out of view. The basket in the background is a side court basket and is not part of the game.

Both photos are sharp, the action is stopped and I love shooting in B&W mode; these are not color converted images.

I have gotten so I know where to turn the lens for the action I want and I always make test shots before each event to see how things will be. Knowing the game and anticipating the action that might occur also helps in getting wonderful actions photos that everyone likes.

Yes, the Fuji X20 does not have a sensor as big as my DSLR's but they give me the kind of images that people want, and with this camera I can deliver. No, I am not connected with Fujifilm in any way. I just love to take photographs with this little camera. I even do street photography, birthday parties and other events where a big camera would be more of a hindrance that a plus. In fact, the X20 goes with me where ever I go; in my coat pocket, in a cargo pocket or just hanging on my shoulder.

If you have any questions or comments please put them below. I do appreciate any and all of them. Thank you...

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