Wednesday, January 14, 2015

On The Side At Sporting Events

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In Monday's post "Sports Photography With A Fuji X20" I talked about what it was like to use the Fuji X20 in shooting youth sporting events. However, there are other photo possibilities at these events that you will not see at adult sporting events.

In the one photo I talked about being on a balcony that runs around the gym floor to watch and photograph the game. On that balcony, close to where I was sitting, were these two kids playing and using a tablet. I took this photo and have called it "Serious" as these two were looking quite serious as they were doing something on the tablet that the little girl had, and the boy was watching.

So, there are always possibilities at youth sporting events for photographing activities other than what is going on down on the gym floor. Here the Fuji X20 allowed me to capture this image as just a couple of seconds later they were both laughing and putting the tablet away. The moment would have come and gone had I not had a camera that was fast and capable of using in lighting that was not the greatest for fast photography. The Fuji X20 worked for me.

On the floor or in the seats - or balcony - The Fuji X20 is the camera for me when shooting youth sporting events. As before I am in no way connected to Fujifilm other than having bought and using a Fuji X20. A little camera that I greatly love to use...

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