Friday, December 5, 2014

Thanksgiving Night

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For day five's photo of the 5 day b&w challenge, I had gone outside Thanksgiving night, and as I was standing in the snow that had started to come down, I was looking around at the sights before me and listening to the  quiet of the night. The silence was so stark that I could hear the sound of the snow as it came down and hit the ground.

Quickly I went back into my house and grabbed my Fuji X20. I came back out and looked down the street and I could see the snow moving through the lights. The slow shutter speed that was required in this light captured the snow in streaks as it came down in the whiteness of the street lights. The camera was handheld and in black and white mode with the yellow setting.

Once back inside I downloaded the photo into my digital darkroom and cropped the photo for a square look. Basically I adjusted the contrast a little, gave it a slight vignetting application and that was it.

This was the last of the photos that I took for the challenge and I hoped you enjoyed viewing them as much as I did in creating them...

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