Thursday, December 4, 2014

Snow - Leaves Me Feeling Lonely and Cold

Please click on the photo for a better image...

Day 4 of the b&w photo challenge and it was Thanksgiving Day. The snow had finally ended and this was a sight outside of the window on a side of my house. I had gotten up that morning with a little feeling of melancholy; sometimes this hits around a holiday. So, this influenced how I felt about this scene.

As I looked at this little piece of a bush sticking out of the snow it seemed to say what I was feeling... lonely and cold. If it were not for a wonderful wife I would have kept this feeling all day. I am very grateful for her.

Anyway, I gabbed my Fuji X20 with it set in black & white mode, with a yellow filter setting, and took this photo. I cropped it for a square effect and adjusted the contrast a little and that was it. Day four's photos was done. Again, without leaving my yard...

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