Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Over The Road And Through The Woods...

Please click on the photo for a better image...

Day three of the 5 day b&w challenge left me wondering what to photograph that day. Then I heard the noise, the sound of an ATV going up the street.

I grabbed my camera, a Fuji X20, and went to look out of the front window of my house. Of course it was still snowing, as it had been since dawn, and as I looked at the snow, down the road came this ATV with two people on it. I already had the camera on and ready with the settings that I wanted and all I did was to put the camera up to the window, setup a quick composition, and press the shutter button.

In my digital darkroom the only things that I did was to adjust contrast a little and, believe it or not, add a pastel setting to the image and that was it. The pastel action gave me a look of the background that I liked so I left it in. Oh, and I took this photo in black & white mode with the yellow filter setting.

So far, three photos and all from within my yard as I promised that I would do...

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