Monday, December 1, 2014

Foggy Morning Smiles

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Recently I accepted an offer to do the 5 Day Black & White Challenge. I posted the photos on a daily basis on my Facebook page but no where else. So, I have decided to put them up here on my photography journal.

In creating these images I used the saying that I have stated on my blog about being able to find photos anywhere, even without leaving your yard. So, all of the photos that I made were within the confines of my yard; front and back.

Also, all of the photos for this challenge were taken with a Fuji X20, in black and white mode with the yellow filter setting. In my digital darkroom I might add some contrast or do a little dodging and burning and, only when necessary, added a little sharpening, but only to the subject at hand and not to the whole image.

The first one was taken on a Monday morning. I had gone out to get the morning paper and I noticed how foggy it was. I glanced to the right and the scarecrows that my wife had put out seemed to be smiling more brightly than I had noticed before. Must have been the fog causing the bright look. I took the paper back in and grabbed my camera. I came back out and took three photos. This was the one that I liked the best.

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