Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Black & WhiteTree Cat

Please click on the photo for a better image...

Yesterday I posted the first of the photos for the 5 day black & white challenge in which I recently participated. Today we will take a look at the day two photo.

This photo is called Tree Cat. It is a neighborhood cat that likes to come into my yard and sort of camp out at the base of this old tree trunk. The cat actually is a black and white cat.

It was about mid morning when I happened to look out of the back door when I saw this cat just sitting there. I went and got my camera (Fuji X20) and went back to the door. I had it setup for b&w shooting and first composed my photo as I wanted it. I then tapped lightly on the window of the door and when the cat turned to look at me I took this photo.

I could not have done better if I had set this whole thing up myself. So, this was day two's photo of the black and white challenge and it did go over well. Hope you like the black and white image of a black and white cat... :-)

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