Monday, August 4, 2014

Backyard Serenity

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"There are photographic opportunities everywhere you look and they are there just waiting for you to find them."

That is what I have written in the side bar to the right of this photo. I am not a great photographer, but I am a happy photographer. I enjoy taking photographs, especially photos of "nouns" and "verbs" that other people take for granted. Just like this image.

This is not my backyard but it is in the neighborhood of where I live. I like to walk around the neighborhood and look for the common or un-noticed scene in which to photograph. Many of the photos on this photography journal are either from my yard or from my neighborhood as well as the area in which I live.

For me this is the kind of photography that I enjoy. But it is all encompassing. You see, I like to photograph landscapes, cityscapes, people and street photography and, not to mention, youth sports.

Photography should be fun and something that you can do everyday. There are photographs everywhere and, like I say, if you are not looking you will never see. So, go out and look around, take nothing for granted and you just might be surprised at what you have just photographed all because it was something you have just seen.

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