Monday, July 28, 2014

Remembering Life As It Was

Please click on the photo for a better image.....

Gone forever, is this house. What a discussion this photo has started. There is a group on facebook about growing up in a specific town. When I posted this photo on that site about how it is now gone, along with a few other homes and a trailer park to make room for a new motel, the clicks on "Like" and especially the comments have so far been numerous.

It seems that a place that once was a home and eventually a business has generated a great number of memories, both good and bad. The photo was such that it even made a few people state that they did not know that the building was a big as it was.

The discussion is still on going but the sad part is a lot of the memories have only come about as a result of the fact that someone took a basic photo of something. To me that is what documentary photography is all about. Recording life as it is to remember life as it was. This image is a good example of that statement. At least for our area and for the people who remember something about it.

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