Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Backyard Wildlife

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In the wilds of my backyard danger always seems to lurk. This time a fully grown wild chipmunk was checking out a crazed baby bunny. I don't think that the chipmunk was none to happy with this new invasion of its domain.

As the chipmunk moved ever closer the bunny never moved, it just stared at the danger coming closer. I surmise that this was the rabbits first encounter with a wild chipmunk. A split second later the chipmunk jumped at the bunny and attacked it. The rabbit, however, had leaped about a foot off of the ground and ran about six feet away.

The chipmunk, evidently happy with its conquest, proceeded to turn around and run back up to its lair in the rocky bushes just a few feet away. Most likely happy with the victory of scaring away a new danger in the neighborhood.

At least the chipmunk had shown the baby bunny who the boss was in this neighborhood.

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