Monday, June 9, 2014

Oak Leaf Lane

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Went on a pre-photographic road trip recently just to see what might be available for possible stops for photos. While traveling a section of old Route 40 - the original National Road - we came to the end of it which was going to put us back onto Interstate 70. At the last second we noticed a road going off to the right called Pectonville Road and we quickly turned onto it.

It is a small two lane road going back into the hills and was quite interesting back in there. Eventually we came across another road called Galilee Road and we turned onto it. It quickly became a single land road but at least it still had a hard top on it so we kept going.

Soon the road turned into a dirt road and at that point we stopped, turned around and started back. As we came around a bend I noticed a road I didn't really look at as we went past it the first time, and I stopped and took a photo of it as sort of a marker and also because of its name.

It was called 13100 Oak Leaf Lane. What this was is a driveway, given a street name, with the address of the residence living there; the driveway is the lane. In addition it also was an interesting place to photograph, so far off of the Interstate that I would imagine, except for those living in the area, there have been very few people back in here.

I did take another photo while going back but you will have to wait until Wednesday to see it. I will state that it is something that looks like it has been around for a long, long time... :-)

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