Friday, June 13, 2014

Late Friday Photo - Storm Delay


Please click on any photo for a better image...

I always wait until evening to do the next post on this blog. Well, yesterday, starting around 6:00 PM, the skies opened up and it rained steadily hard for about the next four hours.

These photos are from the early part of the storm as I spent from about 8:00 PM until around 10:30 PM trying to get water out of the basement and trying to stay ahead of what was coming in. Compared to some of my neighbors, I got off pretty easy. I only got about three inches of water - twice - while one of my neighbors had water coming through the walls in their basement living area, and that couldn't be stopped.

Around the area there was plenty of flooding, with cars getting stuck in high water where there hasn't been high water before, and some were needed to be rescued from their vehicles. There were numerous roads washed out, homes flooded or partially flooded, a structure collapse and fire in two buildings; one caused by lightning strike.

So, needless to say I never got a chance to post  Friday's post until today - Friday. Like I mentioned, these photos were in the early part of the storm and it did get worse later on but I never got a chance to do anymore photography.

And, just heard on the weather report that we can expect up to two more inches of rain this afternoon. Don't know where we can put it as the ground is already overly saturated. I'll try to keep you posted...

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