Monday, June 30, 2014

Hang Glider Over The Ballfield

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Recently I was at a Hot Stove ballgame where there are three ballparks. In order to accommodate the parking, in addition to the parking for the county fair and for all of the events, like the annual DelFest Weekend, there is this huge parking lot of grass and roads.

While watching and photographing one of the games being played, everyone started to look up as a hang glider flew low over the field making his way to a landing area on the grassy parking lot.

There is a mountain close by where many hang glider operators and paragliders can jump off of a cliff, with a deep drop off, and are able to catch the air currents that come up the mountain and they are able to climb to unbelievable heights for a nice long ride. The basic area of landing is the parking lot at the ball fields and, sometimes, they will fly over the field in their flight path of making a landing.

This glider was but one of several that was coming in for a landing on this particular evening...

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