Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Four Stop Road Trip..... Second Stop

At The Lake
After a nice lunch break of a Blizzard from Dairy Queen we then headed for The Lake - Deep Creek Lake - that is.

Please click on any photo for a better image...

The two beaches at the Lake are small but nice. The larger one is more for the adults, with a wider swim area, and the smaller one is more for the kids.

Of course, with any swim area there are Lifeguards and where you find Lifeguards you will almost always find young ladies trying to catch the eyes of the Lifeguard in some way or another, as you can see in the second photo.

The third image was taken at the smaller beach and here we have a Grandmother trying her best to get the kids to react in someway as the Mother takes a video of Dad and the kids in the water. There wasn't much more of a response than what you see here.

All in all, the two hours we spent at the Lake, on the docks, walking the trails and at the beach was a fun time for my wife and I. Soon we would leave for our next stop - number three - which you will see tomorrow. So, stay tuned...


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