Monday, June 2, 2014

Four Stop Road Trip..... First Stop

Our Father's House
Recently I took a 100 mile road trip, on back roads and not stepping one time on any Interstate Highway, and stopped at four different places to photograph different places of distinction. The first stop was here at a place known only as "The Log Church". 

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Built in 1933, in a pioneer style, from chestnut logs, this log style Church was called "Our Father's House" by the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland. However, it just came to be known as "The Log Church."

Now it stands empty though still somewhat usable. There are pews still inside and electricity running to it. It is being somewhat cared for but it is no longer used as a Church. There has been some talk of moving it but so far nothing has been done. My guess is that it will be left alone and allowed to fade into being just memory like so much of our past has already done.

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