Monday, June 30, 2014

Hang Glider Over The Ballfield

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Recently I was at a Hot Stove ballgame where there are three ballparks. In order to accommodate the parking, in addition to the parking for the county fair and for all of the events, like the annual DelFest Weekend, there is this huge parking lot of grass and roads.

While watching and photographing one of the games being played, everyone started to look up as a hang glider flew low over the field making his way to a landing area on the grassy parking lot.

There is a mountain close by where many hang glider operators and paragliders can jump off of a cliff, with a deep drop off, and are able to catch the air currents that come up the mountain and they are able to climb to unbelievable heights for a nice long ride. The basic area of landing is the parking lot at the ball fields and, sometimes, they will fly over the field in their flight path of making a landing.

This glider was but one of several that was coming in for a landing on this particular evening...

Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Favorite..... Where Once Fort Cumberland Stood

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A view from the Western Maryland Train Station, across Wills Creek, of Prospect Square. This is where Fort Cumberland was located during the time when Cumberland was the last gateway to the West; at a time when George Washington was a Lieutenant with the British Army. 
In this scene you can see the Allegany Co. Court House, the Masonic Temple and the steeples to the Emmanuel Episcopal Church and the First Presbyterian Church. In the foreground is Greene Street where there are located business offices and apartments.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Unsettled Sun Set

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It was late in the evening and the Sun had just gone down below the horizon. A few moments later the sky seemed to brighten and as I looked up this is what I saw.

This was taken in black & white mode with a red filter setting. The exposure was off of the scene itself and I gave no change to what it read. It is sort of like evil trying to overcome good and it looses, and is very upset because of it. Still, I thought it was quite a striking view of the sunset sky...

Monday, June 23, 2014

Wind Chimes

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I have always had an interest in "minimalist photography" but have not been very good at it. However, when given the opportunity to try my hand at it again I try not to pass it up.

My newest attempt at minimalism is "Wind Chimes". Hanging, of all places, on the corner of my small back porch roof. This past week, while sitting outside enjoying the late afternoon Sun, I noticed how these chimes where highlighted by the Suns rays while the background was deep in shade.

I used spot metering off of the round weight and lined up this image. For me this turned out to be a pretty good minimalist photo. Well, at least I like it... :-)

Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Favorite..... At The Lake

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A view from lake side at Deep Creek Lake in the mountains of Western Maryland.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Neighborhood Garage Window

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A garage window with character. The neighborhood in which I live basically dates back to the 40's and 50's. So, there isn't much in the way of modern looks to anything even though the neighborhood is nicely kept. At least the window that looks like this is a lot better than one that is empty and bland. IMHO... :-)

Monday, June 16, 2014

The Day After

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last Friday I posted some photos showing the result of a tremendous rain storm we had on Thursday. You can see those photos by clicking "Here".

Well, on Friday afternoon I noticed that the sky was starting to get dark again. I immediately checked the weather forecast and saw that we were once again under a severe thunder storm watch. I went outside with my camera to see if I might document the beginning of this new threat.

Just as I started to look to see what might be of interest, suddenly a ray of sunshine came right down against the mountain just opposite me. I quickly raised my camera and took two photos before the clouds just as quickly started to break. This photo was the better of the two.

It was as if God was saying that this area had enough flooding the day before. You do not need for this to happen again. The clouds were breaking, the blue sky was starting to be seen and the sun was coming through bright and warm.

As of this writing, Sunday evening, it has not rained since Thursday night when it rained for the last time. Our weekend was bright, sunny and warm. A lot of drying out was done and the weather could not have been better. For now, at least, we dodged another bullet and this photo show the beginning of it...

Friday, June 13, 2014

Late Friday Photo - Storm Delay


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I always wait until evening to do the next post on this blog. Well, yesterday, starting around 6:00 PM, the skies opened up and it rained steadily hard for about the next four hours.

These photos are from the early part of the storm as I spent from about 8:00 PM until around 10:30 PM trying to get water out of the basement and trying to stay ahead of what was coming in. Compared to some of my neighbors, I got off pretty easy. I only got about three inches of water - twice - while one of my neighbors had water coming through the walls in their basement living area, and that couldn't be stopped.

Around the area there was plenty of flooding, with cars getting stuck in high water where there hasn't been high water before, and some were needed to be rescued from their vehicles. There were numerous roads washed out, homes flooded or partially flooded, a structure collapse and fire in two buildings; one caused by lightning strike.

So, needless to say I never got a chance to post  Friday's post until today - Friday. Like I mentioned, these photos were in the early part of the storm and it did get worse later on but I never got a chance to do anymore photography.

And, just heard on the weather report that we can expect up to two more inches of rain this afternoon. Don't know where we can put it as the ground is already overly saturated. I'll try to keep you posted...

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

House In The Woods

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On Monday I posted an image called "Oak Leaf Lane" which was something I took while on a pre-photographic road trip, you can see that post by clicking HERE. During that post I mentioned about photographing one more thing that I didn't notice until on the way back down the road. This is what I found.

This empty house sits way off of the road and if you did not look closely you would not readily see it. I did not go back to look into it, just photographed it from the road, but you can see that it has been empty for a long time. When I see this I have to wonder who may have lived here, how long ago was this home built, what was life like here and when was it last inhabited? Most likely we will never know the answers, but it is interesting to just let you imagination go with the flow...

However, I did notice a No Trespassing sign next to the door so I imagine that someone has been visiting the place. Maybe, now that I know that it exists and where it is located, when I do go back I just might take the trip back into the hills once again and see if I can go back and take a look inside. I will let you know if I do...

Monday, June 9, 2014

Oak Leaf Lane

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Went on a pre-photographic road trip recently just to see what might be available for possible stops for photos. While traveling a section of old Route 40 - the original National Road - we came to the end of it which was going to put us back onto Interstate 70. At the last second we noticed a road going off to the right called Pectonville Road and we quickly turned onto it.

It is a small two lane road going back into the hills and was quite interesting back in there. Eventually we came across another road called Galilee Road and we turned onto it. It quickly became a single land road but at least it still had a hard top on it so we kept going.

Soon the road turned into a dirt road and at that point we stopped, turned around and started back. As we came around a bend I noticed a road I didn't really look at as we went past it the first time, and I stopped and took a photo of it as sort of a marker and also because of its name.

It was called 13100 Oak Leaf Lane. What this was is a driveway, given a street name, with the address of the residence living there; the driveway is the lane. In addition it also was an interesting place to photograph, so far off of the Interstate that I would imagine, except for those living in the area, there have been very few people back in here.

I did take another photo while going back but you will have to wait until Wednesday to see it. I will state that it is something that looks like it has been around for a long, long time... :-)

Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday Favorite..... Mary's Train Photo

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This was taken last year at the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad's celebration of their 25th anniversary of operation. It actually was taken by my wife and you can see the original post photo and article at the link below. The reason that I am highlighting this image as a Friday Favorite is in honor of my wife who is celebrating a birthday today. Happy Birthday Mary! ... :-)

BTW, this photo has been viewed 985 times, at last check, on my Google+ site...

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Four Stop Road Trip..... Fourth And Final Stop

Old Abandoned Farmhouse

After leaving Spruce Forest Artisan Village we headed East on old Route 40. That is when we across this old abandoned and collapsing farm house. I had seen it before from the Interstate and always thought that this building would be interesting to photograph. So, I did.

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I don't know the story behind this house but I know that it has been abandoned for a long time. If it were not for the people living nearby and being able to see me, I was tempted to go and see how far inside I could get.

My wife helped me to think better of it and of the photos that I took this was the only one that I really liked. It gives you an idea of what it may have looked at one time as well as how time has taken its toll as it is slowly collapsing in on itself. Just like the past as it fades away.

Well, that's it. I made four photo stops, drove 105 miles, stayed on side and back roads, ate a DQ Blizzard lunch and a wonderful full buffet supper and still got home in time to sit on the back porch and watch the sun go down on the day.

BTW, this all took place just on this past Memorial Day. I have in mind another road trip again using old Route 40 - the first National Road - and it just might happen in the very near future. Can't wait to see what photos may come from that trip... :-)

FYI... If you would like to see any of the previous three photo stops just click on any of the links that you see just to the right of this post under the heading of "Previous Post Entries".

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Four Stop Road Trip..... Third Stop

Spruce Forest Artisan Village

After leaving Deep Creek Lake, we headed for dinner. We had already decided to eat at a place called "Penn Alps" which is housed in the last log hospitality house on the National Pike still serving the traveler.

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In addition to the restaurant, with its three dinning rooms and buffet, and a crafts shop, there is standing next to it a little village called "Spruce Forest Artisan Village". It is here that I made my third photo stop.

The first of the two photos shows the Glotfelty house, an original early American log home, which was moved to Spruce Forest in 1972 and restored. It is presently used as a Weaving Studio, but I could see me living there in my old age.

The second and larger building is known as the "Yoder House". It is a living history museum that offers the opportunity to experience life in an early American Amish home. The house was built in early 1900's.

To find out more about this village just click on the link below...

Tomorrow you will see stop four of my four stop road trip. It will be posted by 6:00 AM...

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Four Stop Road Trip..... Second Stop

At The Lake
After a nice lunch break of a Blizzard from Dairy Queen we then headed for The Lake - Deep Creek Lake - that is.

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The two beaches at the Lake are small but nice. The larger one is more for the adults, with a wider swim area, and the smaller one is more for the kids.

Of course, with any swim area there are Lifeguards and where you find Lifeguards you will almost always find young ladies trying to catch the eyes of the Lifeguard in some way or another, as you can see in the second photo.

The third image was taken at the smaller beach and here we have a Grandmother trying her best to get the kids to react in someway as the Mother takes a video of Dad and the kids in the water. There wasn't much more of a response than what you see here.

All in all, the two hours we spent at the Lake, on the docks, walking the trails and at the beach was a fun time for my wife and I. Soon we would leave for our next stop - number three - which you will see tomorrow. So, stay tuned...


Monday, June 2, 2014

Four Stop Road Trip..... First Stop

Our Father's House
Recently I took a 100 mile road trip, on back roads and not stepping one time on any Interstate Highway, and stopped at four different places to photograph different places of distinction. The first stop was here at a place known only as "The Log Church". 

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Built in 1933, in a pioneer style, from chestnut logs, this log style Church was called "Our Father's House" by the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland. However, it just came to be known as "The Log Church."

Now it stands empty though still somewhat usable. There are pews still inside and electricity running to it. It is being somewhat cared for but it is no longer used as a Church. There has been some talk of moving it but so far nothing has been done. My guess is that it will be left alone and allowed to fade into being just memory like so much of our past has already done.