Monday, April 28, 2014

Semi-Old School Photography

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I still own a Sekonic Studio Deluxe II Model L-398M light meter. From time to time I like to take it out and use it, especially in difficult lighting situations. This is a good example.

If I had relied on the meter in the camera that I used - Fujifilm X20 - the exposure reading would have made this image a lot lighter than it should have been and the colors would have been off. I have always felt that if you get the exposure correct in the camera, as close as possible, that the colors also would be correct.

The exposure reading for this, at ISO 100, was 1/125 @ f/5.6; this was in the shade with indirect daylight coming from behind me and a slight fill light coming from off of a white wall of a garage to the right of the camera . I had the camera in Manual Mode and set the shutter speed and aperture for the reading that I got off of the Sekonic. This was a slightly cropped jpeg file and to compensate for it all I did was to give a little adjustment to clarity and vibrance, and then resized it for web viewing.

I find that when I have time I like to use the Sekonic light meter as it greatly reduces the amount of time I work in my digital darkroom and the images turn out a lot better...

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