Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Photo Find..... Guardrail Walker

Please click on the photo for a better image...

Starting today we begin a new Friday Photo presentation called the "Friday Photo Find". These will be photos that I suddenly come upon and only have one shot at getting the image; from either walking or riding.

This photos was taken as I was driving along the lane leading from Harpers Ferry, WV up to the Visitor's Center. As I came around the corner we saw this woman walking on the Guardrails alongside the road. I quickly grabbed my camera and held it up to the windshield and quickly took this image. It turned out slightly underexposed and I had to adjust levels and the color in Photoshop Elements and also crop it slightly as well for a better view.

From the look at the way she was walking I would surmise that she has done this many times before.

So, this is the kind of photos that will appear from time to time as a "Friday Photo Find". I hope that I will be able to capture more images like this but I know I won't be able to unless I'm looking for them and have a camera with me at all times.

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