Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday Favorite... Most Popular Photo of 2013

Please con the lick photo for a better image...

The most popular photo of 2013 was a "snapshot".

This is Mountain Thunder, it belongs to the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad. From Spring through the Christmas Holidays of Winter, this train runs from Cumberland, MD to Frostburg, MD and back again.

Their website can be found here:

Part of its run goes through a cut in the mountain called "The Narrows". As I was heading into the Narrows from the West side I saw Mountain Thunder going across the bridge leading into it. I quickly went on ahead and came out on the other side and pulled over to the side of the road.

Now, no matter how many times one photographs this train you always want to do so again whenever you can. This was one of those moments. It was late in October and I only had my Canon G11 with me and I took it out and set up under a small tree across the river from where the train would pass by. I had intentions to use part of the hanging branches from the tree that I was under as a frame for one of the photos.

As Mountain Thunder started to come by I raised the camera and took about five shots as the train came by. At least three of the photos turned out pretty good but this was the one that I liked the best.

Besides here, I also posted this on my facebook page. From there it got shared out numerous times from people all over. It received several hundred likes from various places in the shares and received several shares through my twitter account as well.

Hands down this became the most viewed, most liked and most shared photo for the whole year of 2013. I called this photo "Mountain Thunder On The Loosed" as it had no cars attached and it was going as fast as I've ever seen it go.

So, the most popular photo for 2013 turned out to be an unplanned, point & shoot snapshot, and I love it. This "snapshot" turned out to be the best decisive moment photo for the whole year. Go figure... :-)

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