Monday, December 30, 2013

Color Of Winter... The Winter Coat

Please click on the photo for a better image...

I was sitting in my 16 year old Cherokee waiting for my wife to come out of the market when I glanced the site of a brightly colored coat go flashing by in my rearview mirror. I turned quickly to see for sure what I saw while at the same time grabbing my X20.

I turned it on and zoomed all the way out to the max and pointed it out the right rear window which, by the way, was slightly dirty and it had the sun shining on it as well. I just focused, and the X20 does focus quicker than any P&S camera that I ever tried, and just as I was pushing the shutter the lady stopped, turned back my way and looked as if she had heard someone calling or that maybe she had forgotten something.

At first I thought that she was looking at me but she was looking off to the side, and immediately after taking this photo she turned and walked on into the market.

In any case, this is a most wonderful Colorful Winter Coat, which proves once again that even in the Winter there is color out there to photograph. All you have to do is to be looking for it and to have a camera ready for capturing it.

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