Monday, November 18, 2013

Fall Wall

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From Where Comes Your Photos?

I ask this question for a very simple reason. For many, the answer comes from the thinking that one needs to go to those places where others have created wonderful images. The thought is that if others created great images I, too, can do the same.

Another group thinks that if only I had a top of the line Nikon or Canon or even, what I would love to have, a Leica I would be able to get those images that other great photographers were able to make.

However, I believe that wonderful or great images comes from within, from the heart. As I say here on my blog...
There are photographic opportunities everywhere you look and they are there just waiting for you to find them. The only requirement is that you have to be looking for those opportunities or you will never see them.
This photo is a good example, if I may say so, about which I am talking. I had been sitting in my car in a Church parking lot waiting for my wife to come back out. I had taken her there for a Bazaar that was going on and, as I looked around, I noticed this scene.

I liked the way the colors and the wall interacted and the tree trunk made a good foreground object. I cropped the image to what I wanted to see, zooming in so that this was all that was in the scene. I snapped the photo using a Canon G11. In photoshop I used a basic simple slight vintage image step and that was it.

So here in the middle of a city came this photo. You could call it a found photo and it was next to a main road running past the Church. Anyone can take a photo like this without going to a "great" place to photograph and you don't need expensive equipment to achieve wonderful images.

It is amazing how many people like this image and I was able to create this because all I was doing was looking for a photographic opportunity. So, don't think you have to go far and wide and buy the latest equipment, just use what you have, look for those opportunities and let you heart be your guide. You just might surprise yourself at what you can do.

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