Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Favorite… The Caretakers House

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This 87 year old house at the Allegany County Fairgrounds (also known as Fairgo), the residence of caretakers Isaac and Ethel Parker for four decades, served as an on-site security and maintenance system. (From the Cumberland Times-News)

The large tract of land along the Potomac River, known as Fairgo, was transformed into a beautiful fairground beneath the towering cliffs of Knobley Mountain. Seven stables, sixteen open-air barns, two exhibit halls and a caretaker’s residence were built on the fairgrounds. A large grandstand, a clubhouse, a jockey house, a pavilion at the finish line, and a paddock were erected around the half-mile oval track. The new fairgrounds also boasted a skeet shooting area and tennis courts. (From the Allegany County Fair Web Site)

When I heard that the building was to be torn down I went and took several photos to document what it was like. This is one of those photos. The building may be gone, but not forgotten.

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