Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lonaconing Silk Mill… #1

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The Lonaconing Silk Mill, also referred to as the Klotz Throwing Company, is the last intact silk mill in the United States. In 1957 the employees went on strike and the company closed the plant.

Today it is still like it was when the plant closed down. Employees personal items, the equipment, bathrooms, shipping, etc. are all still there; just like it was the day they all walked out.

Recently I had the privilege of being able to go in and spend 4 hours photographing all that I wanted. This image is only one of a couple of hundred that I took. I don’t plan on putting them all up but occasionally I will do so either in B&W mode or in Color. My intent was not to do an “art” photowalk, but just to document the interior of the historical building.

The only “artsy” one that I’ve done, so far, can be seen here… Klotz Office Building

You can see an additional 45 images here... Klotz Throwing Mill On SmugMug


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  1. Wow Glenn, what a treasure to have been able to spend all that time documenting and photography such a place!! I would love to do something like that!! Beautiful image, I'll have to take a look at your other ones too!! :)