Friday, March 22, 2013

BW Mode #20… Smiling

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It was late evening as I walked down the main street of Colonial Williamsburg. I saw this lady sitting over by herself and I went over to talk with her. She was at the end of her day and was waiting for a friend. I asked her if she would mind if having her portrait taken one more time before she left and she said, “not at all.”

She was very nice, quite friendly and was very at ease as I took several photos of her. Finally her friend arrived and, after getting a couple of photos of them together, I thanked her for her time and let them go. I like her smile and I gave her no directions at all. I got the feeling that this is how she wanted to look, the same as when I first talked with her, and she was just same when I left. It is people like her that makes street portraits easy to come by. I really enjoyed my time talking with her, and photographing her, one late evening on the main street of Colonial Williamsburg.

This photo is part of an experiment in shooting in the Black & White mode on my P&S camera.To read why this experiment was done, and to see all the previous images, please click on the link below. When you scroll down to the 1st image in this series you will read all about it; what I did, why I did it and the results that works for me...


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