Friday, December 14, 2012

The Bed By The Window

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In the morning early I awake to the light.
The mind says arise, my body says why, as the bed by the window is safe and warm.
For peace it is the place to stay. Why should it be empty all of the day?
Hours of many in the dark you are there. Your eyes closed. You are safe and warm. You know not what as time goes by.
But sleep revives and, though safe and warm, up you go for the day beckons and there is much to do.
You look behind and the light is right, so you capture that moment in an instance of time when life, again, begins anew.
You leave it as it is for hope reigns that once again the covers will hold you safe and warm, and sleep takes over as the world goes by; never stopping, never ending.

Knowing full well, though day or night, in the bed by the window shall you lie.
Safe and warm as time goes by.

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