Monday, December 31, 2012

Color Of Winter #1

Please click on the photo for a better image...

Last year I started a series of photos that I called “Color Of Winter”. I did so because I would hear so many people say that they didn’t like taking photos in the Winter because there was no color to be seen. So, I took it as a challenge and started the series just to show that there are plenty of colors in the Winter time; you just have to be looking in order to see them.

Now that Winter is here again, I’m going to run another series of Winter photos with color. This time, however, with a twist. If you have a photo, somewhere on the Internet, that you feel would make a good example of a “Color Of Winter” photo, leave a message in the comments field with a link to it and share I’ll share it with others.

I do reserve the right not to publish any photos that I believe would not properly fit in with the topic. So, leave those links and we’ll see what happens and if this will be something with which we can have some fun… Smile


  1. Glenn, nice shot and I couldn't agree more about the abundance of nice color in winter. Had similar thoughts a couple of years ago here:

    Also here:

  2. Thanks Edd,

    It doesn't surprise me that you were thinking along the same lines. I remember that one blog post you did and I like the other one as well. I'm happy to publish the links to your photos as I believe that you have a wonderful blog.

    You know, how great minds (or photographers) think a like... :-)