Friday, July 27, 2012

Packing Up

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It was late afternoon on a Friday. We were at the Yorktown Park, just south of town on the York River, and we had been watching a storm coming in from the bay.

As we watched the storm, coming up the river and getting closer, we realized that some of the people had been packing up to leave but a few still lingered. As the storm got closer and the winds picked up we noticed this one couple still picnicking under a tree. Suddenly there was a bright flash of lightning and a loud crack of thunder.

Just as quick, this couple jumped up and started packing up their items. However, the “lady” just grabbed her blanket and ran for their truck and left the man behind to gather everything together and pack it up.

I took this photo just as he was finishing and it started to pour down the rain. I couldn’t keep the windshield wipers going fast enough to get another photo of him as he tried to run about 50 yards to his truck with all his gear, and by the time he got there you could tell he was soaked. He just threw everything in the bed with one pitch and then jumped into the cab.

I don’t know what he was saying but through the now becoming foggy windows he was very animated in his “discussion” with the “lady”. Not sure if I really wanted to know what the exact words were but, I can just imagine that he might have been saying something about how she had left him alone in the pouring rain to do all the packing up…

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