Monday, May 21, 2012

Jamestown-Scotland Ferry

It was 9:30 am. We had arrived early and were walking about the archaeological digs of the Jamestown Settlement. Fog had settled across the James River and the air was filled with a slight mist. Then I heard it, the sound of a low rumbling motor.

As I turned around, I caught a glimpse of one of the Jamestown-Scotland Ferries crossing the James River. There are four vessels in the small fleet – Pocahontas, Surry, Williamsburg, Virginia. I think this one is the Pocahontas. The Free Ferry service runs 24 hours a day and is only non-operational on Thanksgiving, New Years Day and Christmas.

It’s not often, if not rare, to photograph one the Ferries without a background, and this was my chance to get my own minimalist photographic record of one of the vessels as it traversed the James River from Jamestown to Scotland, VA on the other side in the county of Surry, and I think I got it…


  1. Very nice Glenn! I love it down there! Have fun!

  2. I really love this composition and tones.
    Congrats Glenn.