Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Hitching Post


When I’m out doing Travel Photography I will always take photos of the normal stuff. But then I like to go out to the less traveled areas to see what might be there that most people will never see. Because they never take the time to go off the beaten path.

Recently on an outing to the Colonial Williamsburg area, my wife and I did the usual walk through the middle of town. But then we went over to one of the back, less used, pathways. We found a little shelter where we stopped and rested with a drink and a snack bar. We talked about what we had seen so far and what we going to do next. And we laughed about some of the fun we already had.

As we started to leave I looked around and just to the back of this little place was this hitching post. I knew that by photographing it, with the tree and fence, it would remind us of the little fun moment we had in the midst of a tourist destination where hundreds of people were all around us. But we were alone.

This Hitching Post has become our quiet zone. And where we discovered all over again a little of why we became “hitched” in the first place…

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