Monday, April 30, 2012

A View From Western Maryland

A Cabin Painting

As I was coming into town one morning, on Greene St., I came to the light and had to stop. As I looked straight out the front window of my car this is the view that I had.

There is construction going on in the the parklet where George Washington’s Headquarters is and I wondered to myself, “what would make a good photograph to show how this cabin looks with all that is going on around it?”

Of course, the answer was, the very view that I had at the moment. So I grabbed my camera, pointed it straight out the front window and snapped this photo. The lush green trees and foliage that surrounds the cabin sort of gives a painterly look to this image; like a surreal view of the cabin.

So, if you do come to Cumberland, or you are just a local, when you come to Riverside Park to see George’s cabin you can have a view to photograph. It’s just as if there is nothing else around, no construction, no street, no overhead bridge, no river and no train station in the background.

I think that even George would like seeing his cabin in a setting like this, especially if it was in a painting…

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