Monday, March 26, 2012

Sports Photography

High Kick

I greatly enjoy doing sports photography. This is an example of why.

Most subjects do not care if you don’t get their face, as long as they can be identified. However, they do like it when you get them in action. To do so, it’s almost imperative if you know the game. This way you can anticipate what may happen next and be ready to catch that once in a lifetime photo.

In this example I was focusing on this one player and I could see the ball coming his way. I had the camera at ready and I snapped just as he leaped into the air to kick the ball. In the process he was able to get the ball lobbed over the defenders and his other teammate almost scored off of his feed.

He likes this image. It makes him smile and, for me, that makes it a successful photo…

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  1. Sports photography is never an easy job. Need to take a lot of care. That photo is just perfect.